Wedding Policies

Event Hours

  • Weddings that include a reception or a reception only, have a six (6) hour time limit.
  • Additional hours at $400.00 per hour. Indoor venues may have music until 11:30 pm.
  • Ceremonies are to be scheduled at 3:00 pm or after, unless otherwise arranged with Wedding Services.


  • Disc Jockeys chosen from the Wonder Valley approved list are preferred.
  • Live music is limited to acoustic guitars, string and woodwinds, harps, and mariachis.
  • In consideration of resort guests, all music content and sound level will be monitored at the discretion of the Wonder Valley Ranch Resort Management.

Tables and Chairs

  • Choices for reception dining are 8’ banquet tables or 72’’ round tables.
  • Other dimensions may be available but at an additional fee.
  • Standard event chairs are included. Other styles and chair covers are available at an additional fee.

Alcohol Policy

  • Wonder Valley has an alcohol premises license and a full bar service license. There is a $100.00 set-up fee for full bar or beer, wine and soda service. This fee is waived if sales exceed $500.00.
  • All alcohol must be purchased from Wonder Valley with the exception of wine and/or champagne. If previously arranged, wine and/or champagne may be supplied by the Client and will be subject to a corkage fee. Corkage fees are billed to the client’s account. Alcohol not purchased from Wonder Valley will be confiscated. Wedding guests abusing the alcohol premises license may cause the close of the event.

For the safety of guests and according to the laws of California:

  • No alcohol will be served to or consumed by any person under 21 years of age.
  • Outside alcohol, with the exception of prearranged wine or champagne, is prohibited.
  • Any excessive drinking by a guest will be brought to the attention of the client to confirm overnight accommodations or have car keys confiscated until a designated driver can be arranged.
  • Wonder Valley reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited on Wonder Valley Ranch Resort property at all times.
  • Any infraction, including underage drinking, may result in the closure of the alcohol services and event.